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Mohammad Shahzad S.A.E; D.M.P
Automotive Engineer - Journalist - Doctor of Motors
“Automotive is my Motive”

Mohammad (Shah) Shahzad has been embracing pride and passion in the automotive industry since 1965. In 1968 he graduated with honors as an Automotive Engineer and came to Canada in1970. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, NY, USA since 1983 and also holds an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification by NIASE, USA and Canadian Multi Automotive Service Certifications since 1973, issued by the Ministry of Colleges & Universities, Ontario, Canada.

As a graduate in Automotive Business Management from the Auto University, NJ, USA, he is an author of numerous papers on automotive safety, maintenance and customer relations, and has held several key positions serving various worldwide organizations in managing their diversified automotive sales, service, marketing and customer management operations.
“We make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give”
~ Winston Churchill

Shah is an active member and passionate supporter of many non-profit organizations including, Social Services Network to serve community as an Automotive Transport Consultant to provide free advice to all members and new immigrants to find and maintain affordable/reliable transportation according to Canadian safety standards, road, weather and environmental conditions.

Over the years, Shah has also received numerous silver, gold and master awards including the Doctor of Motors Professional. He has been generously sharing his expertise as a Car Doctor in automotive safety and preventive maintenance with the community through TV, live radio Car Talk shows, print media and FREE seminars on Basic Car Care for motorists to achieve safety, savings and satisfaction on motoring.


If you take a sample of Shah’s blood you will find nothing but 5W30 oil, that’s how he describes his passion as an automotive enthusiastic.

He has been sharing his wisdom as an Automotive Journalist, contributor/writer in international and local automotive magazines/newspapers since 1976, including, Crescent International, Auto Times, Reader’s Weekly, Dawn, Noyi-Waqt, Jang, Rabbita, Pakeeza, Auto-Graph, Techno-Biz, SNAP, Durham Citizen, Canadian Car Owner, Canadian Technician. And now he is enjoy his passion with the AutoMark, as a Technical Editor, The Driver Magazine as contributor and Canadian Auto Dealer magazine as columnist “The Problem Solver”


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