Miller, Timothy


Hamilton Spectator, Inside Track Motorsport News, Toronto Star Wheels



Freelance writer for the Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Star, Inside Track Motorsport News.

Started writing professionally about autos in mid-1970s as editor of Wheelspin News. Have written for Cars & Parts, Hemmings Motor News, The Canadian International Auto Show Program, Formula Media Group.

Authored several auto books for Firefly Books and Tundra Books.

Provide press material for several Canadian auto racing facilities and series.

Since joining AJAC, have tested/written on vehicles for the Toronto Star (Wheels), and Inside Track Motorsport News.

Inducted as a journalist into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.

Articles récents:

  1. The Le Mans start was a race within a race on road circuits

    Timothy Miller

    If you played by the rules, you could be out of the action early, as related by Walt McKay, who began with an MG and also ran a Lotus 18 and a Shelby ...

  2. Ecoboost Package for 2020 Mustang Offers Both Power and Handling

    Timothy Miller

    Ecoboost Package for 2020 Mustang Offers Both Power and Handling


  3. Former racer Dave Jacombs has been a successful mentor for up-and-coming talent

    Timothy Miller

    When Dave Jacombs stopped racing at the local tracks and the national CASCAR stock car series a few years ago, he wanted to continue in the sport, bri...

  4. Ecoboost Package for 2020 Mustang Offers Both Power and Handling

    Timothy Miller

    Ecoboost Package for 2020 Mustang Offers Both Power and Handling


  5. There’s plenty of race cars on the tracks locally

    Timothy Miller

    Tim Miller: Local bans on spectators aside, a lot of cars are out there racing

  6. Start your engines: Sprint Cars return to an empty house

    Timothy Miller

    All types of racing face new and unusual rules and responsibilities


  7. There should be a parking spot for Janet Guthrie in NASCAR Hall of Fame

    Timothy Miller

    Will 2021 finally be the year racing pioneer Janet Guthrie gets recognition, wonders Tim Miller.

  8. How about some racers in Hamilton’s Sports Hall of Fame?

    Timothy Miller

    There’s only one and that’s not enough, writes Tim Miller.


  9. Good fortune won, and a legend lost

    Timothy Miller

    Lynden’s Jordan Szoke gets new partner. Pioneer Carol ‘Bunny’ Burkett dies at age 80, writes Tim Miller.

  10. Ron Fellows is first racer to receive the Order of Canada

    Timothy Miller

    ‘I’m thrilled that the sport gets some recognition from this award as well.’


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